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Our city of Mobile, Alabama and its history.

Our city of Mobile, Alabama and its history.

Written by Brandi Taylor / September 11, 2021

A Trip to Mobile, Alabama – An Experience of a Lifetime

Mobile Alabama is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the southern spot of the country. This historical city is located along the Gulf of Mexico at the entrance of Mobile Bay. Popularly known as the Port City, Mobile is home to the iconic USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

USS Alabama


It is a unique city in many ways. Documentary filmmaker, Mike DeGruy, captures the incredible nature of Mobile perfectly, “Mobile sits at the confluence of five rivers, forming this beautiful delta. And the delta has alligators crawling in and out of rivers filled with fish and cypress trees dripping with snakes, birds of every flavor.”

An Unusually Rich History

The French discovered Mobile in the 18th century. It is the oldest city in Alabama, with over three centuries of history inextricably linked to its economic growth. Mobile also has a record of being a tolerant and resilient city during the turbulent times of the Civil War. The city remained calm even as violent demonstrations raged across many southern cities. The port facility is the core economic growth driver for Mobile, with benefits spilling over to other nearby regions. 

Colonial Mobile was a city of limited size and potential, primarily because of the stagnant economic prospects of French, British, and Spanish settlements. However, because of its unique location, it became a key settlement along the Gulf of Mexico. When Mobile became an American city in 1813, its population was multicultural, differentiating it from other Alabama cities. 

The Civil War and Its Aftereffects

Mobile soon became an export hub for Alabama and the South. It also served the needs of markets in the northeast and Europe. A commonly exported commodity was cotton, which brought in big profits and transformed the city’s economic fortunes. The Civil War damaged its prosperity considerably. However, Mobile’s development continued during the Progressive Era too.

Modern Mobile

It is apparent that Mobile has a magical pull that attracts people. It is a giant melting pot today, drawing in people from diverse cultures and traditions. The city is funky and feisty and has a festive feel to it all year round. The experience you get here is felt nowhere else in Alabama or the United States.

Enjoyable Weather

Mobile is known for its mild and moderate weather, thanks to the effect of the Gulf of Mexico. The low temperature never goes below freezing though there are some exceptional days. The temperature reaches its maximum level in July and August. The rainy season is a problem area for the city as it pours down generously. 

Major Attractions

Tourists tend to focus on culture and education when they visit Mobile, probably because it has a rich history. Mobile is one of the main cultural centers of the Gulf Coast’s cultural centers. It has a string of art museums and numerous constructions with historic architecture. Mobile’s most famous carnival is the Mardi Gras celebration. Visitors are sure to have a great time exploring the delectable cuisines of the place, especially those who crave fresh seafood.

Mobile Mardi Gras

Mobile Museum of Art

The Mobile Museum of Art is a popular destination featuring stunning paintings, intricate sculptures, and delicate glasswork from around the world. The historical museum focuses on local history but has sections that showcase world history as well.

Fort Conde 

Fort Conde is one of the most popular landmarks of Mobile. It has seen many battles and has a rich cultural history. The Fort was reconstructed and has a clear stamp of French influence on it.

Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay is a place you must never miss if you are a discerning tourist. It straddles the line of rivers on the Northside and the Gulf of Mexico to the South. You can be in the perfect place for catching the wonders of nature. And while you are there, don’t miss the Bay’s, Memorial Park. Here you will find the proud and tall Battleship, USS ALABAMA, the iconic Submarine USS DRUM, and more than 25 aircraft that reflect military pride and history like nothing else.

The Causeway

The scenic Causeway is another place you must not miss. It cuts through Mobile Bay and brings the region’s freshest seafood straight from the waters to the shore. Visit the laidback patios for everything ranging from fresh fish to premium dining in the most scenic places possible.

Enjoy Mardi Gras in Its Place of Origin

Mobile is where the famous Mardi Gras originated despite the New Orleans image that conjures up in mind when you hear the term. Mobile elders and locals are firm in their view that Mardi Gras was celebrated here. The tradition dates back to many centuries when Mardi Gras was associated with parades, masked balls, mystic societies, and royalty. The scale and style of this event remain the same even today.

The Scenes behind Mardi Gras

If you missed the Mardi Gras season, you could still experience its magic. Visit the Mobile Carnival Museum, where the history and major events of Mardi Gras are highlighted. Go behind the scenes to get a peek into the hard work that goes into creating the floats and the costumes. If you are in the right spirit, you can get atop one of the floats and get rocking.

Bayou La Batre Beckons

Mobile has a special attraction for Forrest Gump fans. The famous Bubba Blue is a real place, and it is right here in Mobile. Enjoy the colorful boats bobbing around and the stunning scenes that unfold as you move around. If you are looking for a picture-perfect place, this is it!

Mobile through the Lens of History

If you have visited Mobile but missed its historic districts, you have missed a big part of the place. You can actually trace the way cultural development has taken place over the years in Mobile. 

There are seven historic spaces in Mobile, all nationally recognized and with something to offer for everyone – from the art enthusiast to the commoner trying to gain some knowledge. Tip: Don’t miss the newly restored De Toni Square Historic District! 

The incredible architecture will pull you in to explore more. You can also check out popular walkable theaters, like the classic Crescent. The symbols of the good old days, such as gas lanterns and sidewalks, have been maintained in pristine condition here.

Mobile Chamber of Commerce

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce ranks among the oldest accredited Chambers of the nation. It is committed to promoting and driving economic expansion in Mobile. The Chamber has been building more and more business opportunities and aims to enhance the quality of life for Mobile citizens. The Chamber has a simple mission – to promote the city’s economic wellbeing.

Summing Up

Mobile always has something new to offer to first-timers as well as regular visitors. You will have a great time exploring the place from end to end and still come back and find something new awaiting your attention. So, when are you planning your next visit? When you do, you will always find something new in the oldest city in Alabama!

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