About us

Mike Taylor

“I’m Mike, and I love building roofs that last forever.

Everyone knows Mike! Mike Taylor has been roofing for over 15 years! His first 7 were spent at Alabama Roofing Supply. Where he worked his way up to operations manager after many years of grueling 70 hour weeks doing every job in the facility no matter how small. There, he honed his knowledge of building products and the correct procedures to make a Taylor Made roof system.

During this time he discovered secrets that even corporate employees didn’t know- about how to go above and beyond for customers. This enabled his team to grow Alabama Roofing Supply from 1 million dollars in sales to 3 million dollars in ONLY 6 months.

Mike believes customer service is more than just asking for the job. With his customer-focused approach, he showed the customers what they were truly buying, and was committed to honesty even in bad situations. He didn’t overpromise but rather provided realistic solutions to their questions about product quality or other issues that could arise from using the item in question.

He is always on top of things when it comes to building roofs because he has done everything from start to finish himself! From delivering shingles for Alabama Roof Authority to installing shingles, no job is too big or too small!

Mike started his own company back in 2020 with a focus on providing excellent customer service while building beautiful roofs that homeowners love-Taylor Made style!

Zack Garrison

Zack Garrison is a young, ambitious college student looking for success in life, his favorite hobby is health and fitness and soaking up the sun beachside.

“As far as I can remember I have loved fitness. What really motivates is empowering people around me to be their best. Taylor Made Services has given me a life-changing opportunity where we provide our customers not only a new roof they can be proud of but one they can trust to last forever. I want to help Taylor Made Services reach new levels by using my passion for mentoring others who need guidance and serving as an inspiration to others in my community that anything is possible.

John Mclean

John Mclean is a native of Asheville North Carolina, and his father is a 2nd generation dairy farmer. John has been a passionate student of Marketing since the age of 25 he has taken the lessons he learned from his dad and applied them to the roofing industry.

He found roofing interesting because he loves helping people improve the look and value of their homes! As marketing manager for Taylor Made Services, it’s been fun working with customers on projects that will have an impact on their home’s exterior appearance.

John was raised in NC by parents who own an iconic flower farm but they are getting up there in age so John wanted to be able to help financially – which also led him into roofing.

Jason Impson

Jason Impson is a Southern boy who has been living in Mobile, Alabama for 12 years now. Jason’s wife and three kids are the loves of his life. He has always had a passion for customer service, so when Taylor Made Services installed a roof on his house he was amazed at how they treated him as a customer and the commitment to quality they provided to his family.

He then decided it was time to move from Regional Manager for Dollar General to Regional Manager here at Taylor Made Services!

Brandi Taylor

Brandi is the definition of a southern belle. She was born and raised in Alabama, where she loves to drink sweet tea! Brandi is such an amazing person, who has overcome so many obstacles in her life to be where she is today.

Brandi’s children are the reason why she wants to provide an environment for them that will allow them to be their best selves and learn how to follow their dreams no matter what they are.