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Semmes, Alabama Stands Apart as a City Making Life Better for Locals and Businesses

Semmes, Alabama Stands Apart as a City Making Life Better for Locals and Businesses

Written by Brandi Taylor / September 15, 2021

Semmes Stands Apart as a City with Facilities Aimed at Making Life Better for Locals and Businesses

Located nearly in the center of Mobile County, Semmes, Alabama is famous for its sprawling nurseries that yield stunningly beautiful shrubs. The “Nursery Capital of the World” as it was once known produces most of the camellias and azalea sold across the United States. The city has many locally-owned nurseries, which gives it a unique charm and is a key contributor to the agricultural heritage of Semmes. 


The Semmes Community was founded around the railroad, according to historians. The railroad provided much-needed connectivity for local industries. It eased their transportation woes because they could use the facility to send yellow pine from the northern areas of the community. It also made traveling easy for local passengers. The community‘s name was inspired by Admiral Raphael Semmes, an officer in the US Navy from 1826 to 1860. He also served the Confederate States Navy from 1860 to 1865.


Semmes is located on the central Gulf Coast. To the east of Semmes lie the cities of Saraland and Prichard, to its south is the city of Mobile, to its west is e Big Creek Lake, and to the north lies the Citronelle area. The population of the city was 2,075 (2010 Census). As of the 2016 Census, it has 4,155 residents.


Semmes is a well-planned city with multiple avenues for recreation and leisure. There are sprawling parks and walking trails for its citizens. The Municipal Park is a favorite of the locals looking to catch up with friends. They also love to visit the Splash Pad, and the Admiral Semmes Disc Golf Course are among the favorites places for recreation. The catch-and-release fish pond circling the golf course attracts a decent crowd during weekends. 

The Veterans Honor Park

Semmes Honor Park is designed to honor all veterans and is a popular gathering destination for community events. Groups or individuals can use the park’s amphitheater to host weddings, performances, and memorial services. 

Camellia Park was built in honor of the Camellia plant—the first flower of Semmes. The one-acre-plus pocket park is perfect for family events and reunions.

A World-Class Disc Golf Course

The Admiral Championship Disc Golf Course is the brainchild of John Houck, the leading disc golf course designer with a string of premier courses to his credit across the US. The par 65 with three sets of tees for all levels of players attracts the locals and regional and national golf enthusiasts. Two ponds have been incorporated into the design, which makes the course a pretty complex one. Many professional PDGA tournaments are hosted at the Admiral throughout the year.

Heritage Park

There are many local clubs and organizations active in the city. These include Heritage Park, which helps preserve the city’s historical landmarks:

  • The 1902-built one-room schoolhouse is the oldest continuous in-use school in the state of Alabama
  • The Malone Chapel is a replica of Mt. Pleasant Church and used for weddings and other special events.

The Heritage Park Volunteer Organization also hosts several events throughout the year:

  • Semmes Heritage Day on the first Saturday in May
  • Semmes Old-Fashioned Christmas on the first Friday in December


Semmes Woman’s Club

Semmes Woman’s Club (SWC) is a nonprofit committed to improving the community by providing services of public interest. The core focus areas of the SWC are the preservation of the local culture and heritage, beautification, and education.

Semmes Chamber of Commerce

Semmes Chamber of Commerce has been at the forefront to push economic growth in the area. New businesses are provided all the support and assistance they need in setting up their enterprises. Existing businesses are encouraged to grow and prosper and create job opportunities for locals.

Semmes Senior Center 

This center was founded in 2013 to provide rest and recreation opportunities for the seniors of the city. The senior center has several amenities such as a billiards room, computers, board games, a room for arts and crafts, an exercise room, and more. The center aims to keep seniors active and involved in the community.

Semmes Camellia Maids

Sponsored and managed by the local Semmes organization, Semmes Camellia Maids are the goodwill ambassadors of the community. They spread the word about the rich history and culture of Semmes. The group plays a pivotal role in organizing and managing the activities of the Heritage Park. 

The Boys and Girls Club

The Semmes branch of the Boys and Girls Club, Alabama, is located on Wulff Road East. This is where kids can complete their homework and participate in group activities such as starting a dance group, making movies digitally, or even building a robot. Boys and girls can come together to discuss and explore career opportunities or plan trips or simply hang out together.

Semmes Art Guild

The Mary Ellen Ward Art Guild is the platform for promoting art and creating opportunities for local artists. The Art Guild was created in 2010 to honor a Wilmer School teacher known for her commitment to encouraging art among students. The art guild holds free art classes for kids, and adults too, on specific days of the week. 

Semmes has another art gallery, known as the Semmesonian, located within the Municipal Library. It was founded by a famous local artist, Mary Rodning. The gallery provides artists with the platform to showcase their creations. 

Why Businesses Love Setting Shop in Semmes, Alabama

Alabama in general and Semmes specifically offer many advantages for entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses. The cost of living in this city is below the national average. There are tax benefits, and state and local tax rates are among the lowest in the country. 

The median sale price for a home is significantly lower than the national average. The state’s K–12 system of education has been acclaimed for its high standards. The abundance of natural resources also provides businesses with the settings they need to launch their enterprises smoothly. Other key features such as location, health care, and access to national and international markets make Alabama and Semmes the best place for businesses to start their new business get a good start, or expand on existing enterprises.


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