Local Roofer Reveals Astonishing Secrets To Save Thousands On Roof Replacement

Local Roofer Reveals Astonishing Secrets To Save Thousands On Roof Replacement

Written by Brandi Taylor / May 5, 2021

7 Secrets Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To KNOW

I am so tired of seeing homeowners struggle to afford a new roof so I have finally decided to reveal my astonishing PRO-level secrets to saving thousands of dollars on roof replacement.

Secret #1 It doesn’t matter how old your roof is!

If you experience storm damage, your insurance policy will pay for a replacement regardless of how old or damaged the roof is. As long as you report this to your provider within a reasonable amount of time after becoming aware of it.

Secret #2 You don’t need 3 estimates with regards to insurance claims.

This is a tactic your insurance company uses to increase their profits, despite the negative repercussions this has on you.

Secret #3: They Can’t Raise Your Rates

Insurance cannot raise your rates individually because of a claim after a storm; it is considered an act of god which means there was nothing you could do to STOP IT.

Secret #4 You Don’t Have To Pay For Upgrades

If your policy covers Code Upgrades, you don’t have to pay anything for them. Regardless of what the adjuster may say to you about it.

Secret #5 Your Claim is Negotiable!

If you have an insurance claim, the insurance company will offer as little as possible.

To make sure you are compensated fairly, hire an honest experienced restoration contractor like Taylor Made Services their knowledge in dealing with insurance claims can be extremely valuable. Often they can get your insurance to pay perfectly legal outrageous sums of money for overlooked or missed damage.

Secret #6 Call A Professional First

You can avoid being exploited by your insurance company for mistakes or errors with your claim they will sometimes use against you by contacting a professional insurance restoration contractor like Taylor Made Services.

(We offer free consultations to document what damage was done to your property before filing a claim.)

Secret #7 Get Your Agent Involved

Don’t be intimidated if your insurance adjuster is difficult or unresponsive. If you get stuck with no help in sight, request assistance from your agent to resolve the issue.

Are you worried about how to pay for your old roof?
If so, we can help with getting your insurance company to pay for the cost of replacement at NO ADDITIONAL COST. We are experts in handling insurance claims, we will handle the claim on your behalf for FREE.

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