5 Reasons Why You Need Your Roof Inspected And How it Can Save You THOUSANDS!

5 Reasons Why You Need Your Roof Inspected And How it Can Save You THOUSANDS!

Written by Brandi Taylor / April 19, 2021

Is it necessary to get regular roof inspections? = ABSOLUTELY !!!

All roof systems have areas vulnerable to leaks, if you hired a professional roofing contractor to install your roof, you will not need much maintenance.

If you didn’t hire a professional inspections are ESSENTIAL.

  1. Nail pops: areas of the country with fluctuating temperatures have a lot of expansion and contraction which will cause nails to explode out of the roof system leaving holes in your roof that need to be fixed immediately to prevent leaks.

  2. Hail damage: sometimes hail storms happen without homeowners knowing. It is your responsibility as a policyholder to mitigate damages that occur. You won’t know you have damage without an inspection.

  3. Exposed nails: Roofing crews sometimes rush when installing roofs they might forget to caulk the exposed nails on the roof, nails are made of metal and will rust away leaving holes if they are not protected.

  4. Rotten Decking: many times professional contractors can visually see badly rotten decking because it will cause a visible dip in the shingles. A professional inspector can catch this potentially before interior leaks happen to allow you to make repairs before you experience significant WATER DAMAGE saving you THOUSANDS.

  5. Wind Damage: Wind damage is practically invisible and requires a professionally trained eye to identify. Wind damage may qualify you for a brand new roof system PAID FOR by your insurance company saving you $10,000 or MORE!

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