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Todd Pierce

Born and raised on the Westbank (Westwego) Todd’s experience and background over his career has been primarily in the Home Improvement Industry. Todd has owned and operated several successful companies and has been a business consultant for many years. Todd is excited about introducing the Louisiana Market to the FORTIFIED ROOF PROGRAM. Todd has a passion to help Louisiana residents take advantage of every possible benefit offered thru State, Federal, and private industry incentives. Louisiana residents need help and Todd wants to be a leader in helping the people of Louisiana. Todd is a very easy-going personable guy that enjoys meeting and making new friends, for Todd it’s all about giving back to the community he loves so very much.

Todd Pierce- Louisiana Manager

Looking for a roofing company?

We help homeowners by educating them on and about their current homeowner insurance coverage. We oftentimes get their insurance company to pay for current damages and or replace a roof entirely.  Any roof replacement does need to meet strict laws and building codes, and this is why all of Taylor Made Service Roofing Systems are those of a FORTIFIED Roof.  Todd is our Louisiana area manager and is happy to assist you with any residential roofing questions or needs. 


Roof Replacement

We are the best local FORTIFIED roofing company in Louisiana, we do:

  • Roof repair.
  • New Roof Installations, and replacements.
  • Get the best roof for your home (customized to match your needs).
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on our shingles.
  • 10 Year workmanship Warranty.
  • Offer a 50 Year Non-Prorated Low-Cost Extended Shingle Warranty.
  • Build your roof to prevent leaks.
  • Protect your property from damage from shingle debris during removal.
  • Waterproof leak-prone areas.
  • Evaluate Flashing metal.
  • Apply ice and water shield in valleys and around roof pipes.
  • Install lifetime EPDM rubber pipe boots.


Proper Ventilation

Preventing your roof from overheating by making sure your attic stays cool with proper ventilation will save you a lot of money in the future.

Here is what we do to make sure your attic has enough ventilation

  • Make sure you have enough ventilation to keep your roof cool and your attic dry.
  • Make sure you have enough soffit (intake) airflow.
  • Add additional soffit ventilation if necessary, allowing your roof to breathe properly.
  • Cut and install a ridge vent.

Insurance Claims

So, you’re looking for a roof after that storm the other day, well, we can help with that.
We’ll get your insurance company on board and make sure they cover it all!

Most Homeowners have no idea they may have insurance coverage for storm damage. Insurance claims can be complex and difficult to navigate. If you’ve had a recent storm, it’s important to understand the homeowner’s insurance policy and what it covers. We offer a free insurance coverage consultation when ready. 



When should you get a new roof? This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask. The answer will depend on many factors, including your location and how old your roof is.

Here are some general guidelines to help you decide when it’s time for a new roof!

Is your roof more than 20 years old or missing shingles, if it’s not in good shape then it’s time to consider replacing it.

If you have missing shingles from a storm recently or not it needs to be replaced and the good news is your insurance company may cover the cost of replacement minus your deductible.

If you live in a high-risk area and the roof has survived many severe thunderstorms, then it’s probably time. Check the shingles are curling up at their edges and not laying flat your roof may have been damaged by high winds.

The best way for you to get a new roof in these situations is to let your insurance company know you have damage and see if they will pay the cost to replace your roof?

Before you contact your insurance company contact us first, so we can inspect your roof and make sure it’s worth filing a claim on.

At Taylor Made Services, we don’t just nail on shingles we build roofs better than anyone else in town.

We only hire the BEST roofers and train them personally on how to roof the Taylor Made Way, exactly how manufacturers want us to!

So, you can have peace of mind that your family is protected with a forever roof by our family here at Taylor Made Services Roofing, INC. 

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