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Pricing Guide


Roof Price Guide

Hey, it’s Mike Taylor

Get ready for a shock when you get your quote on how much it’ll cost to replace your roof. It may be as high as $4.50-5.00 per square foot- which means if you have an average sized house with 2500 sq ft., that’s over 12 grand JUST FOR THE ROOF!!!

But don’t worry! Mike Taylor here I’m gonna give you some GOOD advice how to save over $5,000 or MORE on a new roof! Getting a Fortified roof is the best way to lower your insurance premiums by up to 35% per YEAR and protect your home from future storm damage.

A good rule of thumb is to budget $1 per square foot when filing an insurance claim and get ready to save up 4-5 bucks!

Call Us Today for Your 100% Free NO-OBLIGATION FREE Storm Damage Assessment worth more than $500 and let your insurance company pay for your new roof.

When you have leaks? You have storm damage!

Your insurance company will pay the full cost of replacement minus your deductible if you have damage and they’ll even pay the upgrade cost of a Fortified roof system if you have the right coverage. And when storms come, it can save a fortune on premiums in future years while protecting your family better than ever before.

Did you know?

As of 2022 Material Prices are Surging and Manufacturers are hiking up the materials costs by 5% – 10% PER MONTH

The prices of materials are up and it’s only going to get worse! If you’re planning on replacing your roof, act now before the it gets any worse.

If this situation seems too challenging or feels overwhelming

Protect yourself from these price increases by give me call 251-377-9336 today schedule your FREE 100%-No Obligation Storm Damage Assessment worth over $500

Our guys know how to identify all the hidden damages and help get your insurance company on board so they can pay out without any hassles. We’ll also guide you through the process of filing a claim and document the damage FOR FREE for your insurance company.

Don’t wait! Report your roof damage now or you might miss out on the opportunity to get a claim through. 251-377-9336