FORTIFIED Roof™ from Taylor Made Services

Reasons to GET A FORTIFIED Roof™  :

Is it true you can increase your home’s value by ONLY getting a FORTIFIED Roof™ ?

YES! It’s true. The benefits of a fortified roof are so great, they can actually increase the value of your home by nearly 7%.

Recent research performed by 3 local universities found that building FORTIFIED homes strengthens them and increases their VALUE. You should download the study HERE to find out more about this incredible opportunity for YOU to get an extra boost in property values with only minimal investment on YOUR part.”

Not only does it increase your home value, it can also save you up to 35% per year on your insurance premiums. So it pays for itself. And protects your home better from Natural disasters.


FORTIFIED is at the top of its class when it comes to storm resistance. Fortified roofs exceed most building codes This means your home will perform better during storms, keeping out rain, and preventing water damage. Giving you enhanced peace of mind your home can withstand strong against most natural disasters.

Insurance Savings

How a FORTIFIED Home™ roof can help you save THOUSANDS. The State Of AL mandated savings rates on the wind portion home owner’s insurance in order to protect homeowners who are trying to protect themselves and their families. This means all Alabamians have an opportunity to save up to 35% more by installing our top-rated FORTIFIED Home™ roof system and Taylormade Services offers most homeowners a Fortified Roof Upgrade for NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Higher Home Value

A study by researchers at the University of Alabama, Auburn University, and the University of Mississippi found that homes in FORTIFIED neighborhoods enjoy an average increase in resale value of almost 7%. On a $200k property, this means adding close to $14K.


At Taylormade Services the cost of upgrading a new roof to the FORTIFIED standard is little to nothing in most cases.

Peace Of Mind

Your family will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is stronger, and you’ll be able to get back to life quickly after a storm because CertainTeed has the best roofs in America. And don’t worry about installation – it’s as meticulous as brain surgery with the safety for everyone on-site a top priority by our certified master shingle applicator who treats your home like their own so you can have confidence in a roof that will last a lifetime.

With a Fortified CertainTeed roof system installed your family can continue to go about their lives- without worrying when or how bad the next storm will be.

Your shingles are not just installed by just any applicators, they are meticulously placed by highly trained and skilled master shingle applicators. Who are certified for safety, and take utmost care into account at all times while installing every part of your roof system.

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